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Fed Up With the Absurdity of Modern Times??!

Join Our Global Neighborhood Where Everyone Is Welcome, Warts and all!

We are at a historic threshold where the future of humanity rests upon our ability to  move beyond our differences and work toward a building future that includes everyone.

That’s why La Befana and Friends is building a “global neighborhood” centered around a one-toothed puppet whose old world wisdom, wonder, and sass are the antidote to the absurdity of modern times.

Born in the melting pot of NYC in the middle of a global pandemic, La Befana gave out 10,000 star cookies to spread bite-sized hope, humor, and healing with those who needed it most, demonstrating to kids of all ages how doing “the little good” with a LOT of love can make a big difference.

Now this legendary one-toothed puppet is inviting families across the globe to LIVE a legendary story of love, unity and community, one that brings us one step closer to a brighter, more just, and peaceful future for children for generations to come.


You’re In The Right Place If:

You are fed up with narratives of doom, gloom, fear & division.


You are hungry for hope, radical inclusivity, defiant JOY and PLAY.


You want to be part of a multigenerational & multicultural community where you are welcomed, WARTS & ALL.

You want to co-create a brighter world for our children and our Mother Earth.

You want to DO GOOD while HAVING FUN!

La Befana & Friends should be a household name. What a fun way for the kid in all of us to learn about that which unites us. The more we learn about each other, our Earth, and the stories that connect us the  better our world will be. Dina and Kate are creating a movement full of passion and love for uniting the world through joy and play!

Ann Nyberg

Anchor, ABC News

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La Befana and Friends is building a “new neighborhood” centered around one-toothed puppet whose old world wisdom, wonder, and sass are the antidote to the absurdity of modern times. 

Launched in the melting pot of NYC in the middle of a global pandemic, children’s book author & multimedia storyteller Kate West, and Dina Gregory, teacher and now puppeteer, are on mission to share an unapologetic message of hope that promotes “caritas” (the love of humanity) through cookies, conversations, & cultural celebrations


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Word On The Street

“La Befana is a great character to teach children about the Earth and get them involved in family life. I had a great time on the show!”

Jacques Pepin

Cookbook Author & Celebrity Chef

“Watching my daughter listen to La Befana’s story truly warmed my heart! She is engaging and funny and the perfect addition to our family!”

Christina Palmisano

Director, Northern Ohio Italian American Foundation

A treasure trove of good will come from ths project and it’s overflowing heart. It is no wonder that Kate, Dina La Befana are becoming family”.

Sheryl Leach

Creator, Barney The Purple Dinosaur

“We enjoy the collaboration with La Befana and Friends so much.  La Befana’s presence adds something really special to our atmosphere by sharing love and warming hearts, while we support our guests struggling with homelessness.”

Teresa Gowan

Director of Community Partnerships, City Relief

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