Put the Magic Back Into the Holidays... Italian Style!

Meet La Befana, an enchanting character from ancient Italian folklore that children have been celebrating on the Eve of Epiphany (Jan 5th) for centuries!

Author Kate West shares a cherished holiday tradition from her family as she recounts this classic Italian legend with a fun culinary twist!

La Befana and the Star introduces to the rest of the world a new holiday tradition – one that ignites the magic & wonder of innocence and reminds us that small acts done with great love can make a big difference

The Book that Sparked A Movement!

52 Color Illustrations

by artist Ken Shuey



What People Are Saying

Ann Nyberg

“La Befana & Friends should be a household name. What a fun way for the kid in all of us to learn about that which unites us. The more we learn about each other, our Earth, and the stories that connect us the  better our world will be. Dina and Kate are creating a movement full of passion and love for uniting the world through joy and play!”


Sheryl Leach Barney

A treasure trove of good will come from this overflowing heart. It is no wonder that Kate West, Dina Gregory and La Befana are famiglia”. 

– SHERYL LEACH, Creator of Barney

Jacques Pepin La Befana

“La Befana is a great character to teach children about and get them involved in family life.”

– JACQUES PEPIN, Author, Celebrity Chef

 “Watching my daughter listen to La Befana’s story truly warmed my heart! She is engaging and funny and the perfect addition to our virtual holiday season!”

– Christina Palmisano, Northern Ohio Italian American Foundation

“La Befana and the Star is a beautiful Christmas story that celebrates our heritage! It engages the miracles, love and magic of Christmas with a fun and humorous twist that reminds us that with a little help from the angels, anything is possible.

Our Christmas experience is so much richer now that La Befana and her adorable friends are part of our family’s Christmas tradition! We are all looking forward to the rest of the books in this beautiful Christmas series.”

-National Organization of Italian American Women

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