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Befana and friends in New York

Share a Cookie. Join a Revolution of Kindness!


Why Now?

In a world where the ills of sexism, racism, ageism, and militarism, can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, it is time for the world to be introduced to an unlikely and ancient heroine for modern times.

Meet La Befana

She’s an old crone from ancient Italian folklore whose legend is interwoven with that of the three biblical Magi and she is here to teach the world about good old fashioned caritas (love of humankind). For La Befana, life is about magic, but not just any old magic, it’s that special kind of magic that occurs in the everyday moments of our lives when we connect to one another with open and tender hearts. Learn More


Our Mission

La Befana and Friends are on a mission to transform the world one magical encounter (and cookie!) at a time. Whether on the street or in La Befana's  magic kitchen, this jovial Italian grandmother figure embraces everyone, from those in the mainstream to those in the margins and she and her friends are here to show the world that LOVE is the magic ingredient that unites us all.

Being a Global Neighbor is a STATE OF BEING - when we become curious about one another, share our stories, eat, sing, and dance together we realize that in spite of our differences, we are really all the same.